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Aviation Economic News Indonesia

Berita ekonomi is what the Westeners called as economic news. As economic news is needed by Indonesians, demand crops up to demand for better news outlet and services. Some blog ekonomi also provide these kind of services.

Discussing the airline aviation,
The airline industry is a lucrative industry (17/06). The rise of new commercial airline company serving these new router all over the world, especially with the low prices, has made the competition among aircraft manufacturers companies heats up.

Two of the world's largest aircraft manufacturer, the French Airbus and Boeing of the U.S., compete to attract buyers in the world's biggest flying exhibition Paris Air Show.

While Airbus Excellence

On the first day of the world's biggest airshow Paris Air Show to-50 on 17 to 23 June 2013, the two largest aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing received orders directly. On this first day surpass Airbus rival Boeing in the number of aircraft ordered.

Airbus received 70 aircraft orders from two different companies. A total of 50 units of Airbus A320neo ordered by the US-based aircraft leasing company ILFC with a value that is approximately 5 billion or Rp 47.5 trillion.

Later, a French company Doric also ordered 20 Airbus A380 superjumbos with a catalog price of about U.S. $ 8 billion or Rp 76 trillion. Doric Asset Finance is a leading provider of financing for airlines such as Emirates and Singapore Airlines.

Airbus first want to draw attention before the exhibition, with a flight newest A350 inaugural flight last week, and ended successfully.

Through this A350, Airbus wants to master long-bodied aircraft sector, having previously mastered ebrbadan plane being, and also with a capacity of 150 passenger aircraft. The A350 aircraft will be exhibited in the Paris Air Show, to be able to attract buyers directly.

Parties expect Airbus A350 ordered by buyer will be many. The new aircraft is targeted to be sent first to customers in late 2014. We have already ordered new aircraft are Qatar Airways, British Airways, and Cathay Pacific.

Schwa Airbus Boeing Continues

Boeing as a major rival Airbus will also offer aircraft aggressively in the largest exhibition in the world. Although the current Boeing are seen amid tough times for various incidents and problems faced by the 787 Dreamliner.

Technical problems with the battery easy to heat, could make no-fly Dreamliner worldwide for investigation. However, Boeing will continue to showcase Dreamliner in this event. World aviation industry is also hoping to launch Boeing 787-10X, which is a longer version of the Dreamliner, with a capacity of 330 passengers.

Boeing also reportedly soon announce a new version of the 777 aircraft next month, with wings made more fuel efficient. Boeing boss Ray Conner said that, there will be intense competition between Boeing and Airbus in the aviation world.

While Boeing has received orders for a total of 14 aircraft. The first of the aircraft leasing company GECAS ordered 10 units of the latest generation Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner at a price of U.S. $ 2.9 billion or around Rp 27.5 trillion.

Then the Japanese airline Skymark Airlines also ordered 4 Boeing 737 Max with a figure of U.S. $ 402 million or around Rp 3.8 trillion. Skymark ordered aircraft will begin shipping next year.

How Indonesian Aircraft Industry?

In Indonesia, the aircraft manufacturing industry is still not able to match Airbus and Boeing. However, PT Indonesian Aerospace (PT DI) with Airbus Military (AM) cooperate in developing the new generation of the CN235 CN295. Aircraft are still being produced at the headquarters of Spain's PM will be manufactured and marketed by PT DI in Bandung, West Java.

Rumored for the Asia Pacific market this company is able to snatch enthusiasts. This new generation aircraft reportedly priced at U.S. $ 39 million or equivalent to Rp 384.38 billion.

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